Our Services

Robotics Facility


Robotics facility operates two setups of Liquid Handling System from Tecan Freedom Evo. Please refer to Instrumentations for more detail of our setups.

We offer service/collaboration in handling extensive numbers or iterative process of handling liquid and suspension to accomodate scientific works.

Example of Applications:

  • Pipetting library and stocks
  • Iterative assay for research
  • Early screening of active compounds/inhibitors
  • Follow-up screening


Assay Development and Optimization

  • Designing assay
  • Improving assay for better resolution,dynamics and expenses
  • Detection available:
    • Absorption, fluorescence,luminescence
    • Fluorescence polarization
    • Elisa
    • Fret
    • HTRF
    • Alphalisa
    • Binding kinetics (Octet Red)

    Assay screening

    When the protocol is available and optimized, Robotics facility can perform the screening and report the hits.

    Assay Follow-up

    • Binding constant
    • IC50
    • Ki 


If you are interested in our service and/or want to collaborate with us, then read our guidelines.