Robotics Facility

In order to make working in the Core Facility convenient to everybody, it is necessary for all users to follow some principle rules.

undefinedUser Guidelines

For any interest to work together with Robotics facility for assay or automation, we suggest to spend a first visit to our facility to discuss about the kind of support needed, equipment setup and potential application.

Machines which are connected with the liquid handling system are only accessible for the liquid handling operator. If there is a demand to use it as stand-alone machine, it must be discussed with the Robotics staff. There are some machines that can be used by the users by filling a booking calendar. The users must firstly register to Robotics facility and get an introduction about the machine.


Acknowledgement in Publications

Our facility is working based on collaboration and service. Users/partners are obligated to acknowledge the Robotic Facility in any scientific publication or oral presentation for which data was generated with the use of our equipment, our services, or with the help of our staff's expertise.

Interested researcher can fill out our undefineduser registration form and send it per email to


For any inquiry, we will be happy to answer your questions. You can find us here:

Signalhaus Robotics Core Facilitiy


Schaenzlestrasse 18

79104 Freiburg, Germany

2nd Floor, Room 02.033